Selmar was established in the late 70's between an incipient development of the fishing industry, but it was not until the 80's that the company grew in the area of ​​marine electronics in Chile. This development brought a lot of activity first in Talcahuano and then in the north of Chile. The old tube technology was replaced with the new generation of integrated circuits. The need to repair acoustic equipment, navigation equipment and communication brought new activities and, as a result, Selmar Ltda. Was born as a marine electronic services company. In the mid-1980s the need to incorporate new equipment in the marine area arose both in the north and in the south of Chile, which led Selmar to take the representation of the longest-running company in the area of ​​marine electronics in the world, JRC. At the beginning of the 90s, Selmar carefully plans a new stage, maintaining the activities that it was developing at the time and expanding the business not only to small boats but also to merchants, shipyards, fish farms and individuals. Together with this change, our company develops inspections, repair, installation and maintenance of equipment abroad. These days our company is in the process of changing sales and services strategy always searching for new and more efficient technologies, maintaining the quality-price standards and delivering a high-quality after-sales service. To carry this out, we have a highly qualified staff, trained to face any situation in the area and have a laboratory with tools of latest generation for diagnosis and solution of problems. Today our company is certified by ABS, GL, DNV, NKK, Lloy's Register for GMDSS inspections, VDR, AIS for all types of vessels. During the years Selmar Ltda. Has taken representations and formed commercial links with the most prestigious companies in marine electronics in the world, all this to satisfy the needs of our clients and help to improve communication and improve the efficiency of work in the marine area. Our commercial stability, together with technological knowledge and stable growth, makes us a reliable company for our clients who have preferred us for many years.